Nissan R383 Hits the Road for the first time
- The Historic Racing Car Restoration Project by Nissan/NISMO -
November 16, Tsukuba Circuit (Ibaraki prefecture)
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (Carlos Ghosn, CEO; Head Office located in Ginza, Tokyo) and Nissan Motorsports International Co., Ltd. (Yuuichi Sanada, President; Head Office located in Minami Ooi, Tokyo) held the shakedown of the Nissan R383 at Tsukuba Circuit in Ibaraki prefecture. This car was built and developed for the 3rd Japan Grand Prix, scheduled to be held in 1970, but never saw the light of day as the race was cancelled before the car was completed.

For the past three years, Nissan/NISMO has worked on the restoration of historic motorsport assets in order to preserve them in an operable state for future generations. The R383 is the last of the prototype R380 series racing cars to be restored following the 1969-built Nissan R382 in 2004, and the 1967-built RS80-II and 1968-built R381 in 2005.

The car is scheduled to be driven on the track at Fuji Speedway at the NISMO Festival on Sunday, December 3rd as part of the fan entertainment event.

* Japan Grand Prix: A sportscar race series held from 1963 to 1969.

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<About the Nissan R383>
After victory in the 1969 Japan Grand Prix with the R382, Nissan started the development of the new car for the 1970 Japan Grand Prix. This was the acclaimed 700-horsepower R383. However, the 1970 Japan Grand Prix was cancelled and the R383 left in the factory without demonstrating its monstrous potential. The following specification is based on the replicated model owned by Nissan Motors.

[Technical Specifications]
Length/Width/Height: 4,115/2,030/1,088mm
Wheelbase: 2,400mm
Track (Front/Rear): 1,280mm/1,260mm
Weight: 740kg
Engine: GRX-3iV12 DOHC)
Displacement: 5,954cc
Power output: Over 515kW(700ps)
Max. torque: Over 647N-m(66kgm)
Gear box: Hewland 5-speed
Brakes: Outboard discs

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