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Colin McRAE
Jean-Marie LURQUIN
Co-driver for Giniel de Villiers
50 years old, born on 22 March 1954 in Liège
16th participation in the Dakar
List of awards in the Dakar: 3rd in 2004, 4th in 2000 and 2001.
Rally raid victories: Tunisia Rally 2003, Argentina Rally 2002 and 2003, Master Rally 2000, U.A.E. Desert Challenge 2000.
Rally awards (as driver): Belgian champion 1985

Joining Jean-Marie Lurquin together with Giniel de Villiers is a brilliant idea. Although the South African driver displayed his skills in his first two participations in the Dakar, he was perhaps a little lacking in experience to play to win. With a man at his side who can look back on fifteen Dakars, Giniel ought to learn a lot. Advice from Jean-Marie Lurquin is going to help him evade the traps that the Dakar holds in reserve. A brilliant navigator, the Belgian is one of the most experienced co-drivers in rally raiding. The combination of Giniel’s passion and Jean-Marie’s experience could result in the great surprise of this Dakar 2005.
“There’s going to be a lot of sand! I think they’ve drawn the best of the possibilities that the countryside we’re crossing has to offer. It’s enough to look at the route in Mauritania: we’re going to explore practically every corner of the country! In addition it’s the country that will tip the balance. I think the difficulty will come from the marathon stages because it worries us a little just the same to know that we’ll have to do more than 1000 kilometres with our cars, and above all with the same tyres that were made first and foremost for racing! I think it’s going to be a real Dakar, a Dakar for the tough. That’s what we’re there for! We’re going to fight it out at the front. Frankly I believe we have a good chance. But it’s not going to be a bed of roses for anyone!”
1979 to 1986 Driver - Toyota Belgium official driver, 1985 season
1980 wins on National events  
1981 3 wins on National Rallies  
1985 Belgium Rally Champion  
1986 14th Francorchamps 24 Hours Race  
1987 1st win - Belgium Off Road Championship  
1988 to 1992 Co-driver - Daihatsu Official Team  
1988 to 1991 Winner Belgium Off Road Championship  
1990 Dakar (retirement)  
1991 Dakar 49th overall classification - Mitsubishi Pajero  
1992 Dakar - Truck category  
1993 Dakar 18th overall classification - Nissan Terrano, 1st T1 Marathon  
1994 Dakar 51th  
  Truck category- 1st 6 X 6  
1995 Dakar : retirement  
  Tunisia : 23rd Mitsubishi Pajero  
1996 Dakar : 34th Toyota T1  
  Rally Morocco : 14th Toyota T3  
1997 Dakar : Truck category- Mercedes  
  Rally Morocco : 15th Nissan Patrol T1  
1998 Dakar : 20th Nissan Patrol T3  
  Thierry Sabine Trophy  
  Egypt : 11th Nissan Patrol T3  
  UAE Desert Challenge Dubai: 8th Nissan Patrol T3  
1999 Dakar : 15th Nissan Patrol T3  
  Tunisia : 14th Land Rover T1  
  Egypt : 14th Mitsubishi T1, 1st Marathon  
  UAE Desert Challenge Dubai : 9th Nissan Terrano T2  
2000 Co-Drivers Vice Champion World Cup for Cross Country Rallies  
  Co-driver for Josep-Maria Servia - Mégane Schlesser-Renault X 202  
  Dakar-Cairo - 4th overall classification- Optic 2000 Tunisia - 6th overall classification  
  Orpi Morocco - 2nd overall classification - Master Rally - 1st overall classification  
  UAE Desert Challenge - 1st overall classification  
2001 Co-driver for Josep-Maria Servia - Mégane Schlesser-Renault X 202  
  Paris-Dakar - 4th overall classification  
  Baja Italy with Jean Louis Schlesser (retirement)  
  Optic 2000 Tunisia - 3rd overall classification  
  Baja Spain (retirement)  
  Master Rally (retirement)  
2002 Co-driver for Josep-Maria Servia - Kangoo V6 Schlesser-Renault X 202  
  Arras-Madrid-Dakar (retirement)  
  Baja Italy - 2nd overall classification  
  Optic 2000 Tunisia (retirement)  
  Rally Argentina - 1st overall classification  
2003 Co-Drivers Vice Champion World Cup for Cross Country Rallies  
  Co-driver for Jean Louis Schlesser - Ford Raid X 202 & 433  
  Telefonica Dakar (retirement)  
  Optic 2000 Tunisia - 1st overall classification  
  Baja Portugal - 4th overall classification  
  Orpi Morocco - Abandon  
  Orient Rally - 1st overall classification (exclusion)  
  Rally Argentina- 1st overall classification  
  UAE Desert Challenge - 2nd overall classification  
2004 Telefonica Dakar - 3rd overall classification (co-driver for Jean Louis Schlesser)  
  Optic 2000 Tunisia - 6th overall classification (co-driver for Dominique Housieaux)  
  Orpi Morocco - co-driver for Kenjiro Shinozuka - Nissan Pickup - retirement  
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