Are you one of those people who thinks that Motorsport has nothing to do with you, that it belongs to another world?

Introduction to Motorsports

Let's start with the basics of racing.

No.1 What is Motorsport?

What is Motorsport?

Motorsport is the same as "foot recing" "First across the line is the winner!"

Are you one of those people who think that motorsport has nothing to do with you, that it belongs to another world? But really, a 50-meter foot race, hurdle race or relay that you run at school or in a company sport day provides the same experience as motorsport.

Have you ever competed in a foot race where someone says, "First one to reach that sign over there is the winner"? Motorsport means doing the same thing but with a car or a motorcycle. You would run a 100-meter race or a hurdle race on an athletics track, wouldn't you? If you do this at a circuit and drive a car to see how fast you can go, it's called a "race". Just like running a marathon through towns that have hills and residential areas, if you race a car on normal roads, it's called a "rally." If you compete in a relay passing along a sash like in a road relay race, it's called an "endurance race".

The name may change, but it is all motorsport. It's not just cars, but motorcycles, too, that play a key role in motorsport. Can you hear the sound of the engine?

This is the sound of the heart of the car. If it were a race between humans, it would be that throbbing sound of the heart as it pulsates. For both the mechanics who work behind the scenes in motorsport and for the drivers, too, this engine sound is a vital clue to judging the state of the vehicle. It's the same as a doctor using a stethoscope to examine your body and assess your health.


From horses to cars. Horse racing was once the "sport of kings".

The invention of the prototype of the automobile happened in the 18th century, sometime after the industrial revolution. Naturally, cars were very expensive, so only rich or noble families could afford them.

Until that time, horse racing was the main form of spectator competition. That's why motorsport still retains some of the language used in that era. The word "race" itself refers to horse racing. Then, there was a “paddock” which was used to look at the condition of the horse. “Horsepower” represents engine power. All these words have their origin in horse racing and come from the era of nobility.

"Motorsport" in car racing was a competition between the truly high-born, mainly from the nobility. But in fact, if it is motorsport that determines which car is faster, then it has to be said that motorsport began with the arrival of the second automobile in the world. It may seem like a philosophical statement, but from the perspective of human psychology, it is only natural.

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What is Motorsport?