China Circuit Championship
Round6 Shanghai
Nissan Tiida takes 2nd place in Final Race
Shanghai International Circuit, China (October 21, 2007)
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The 6th round of the China Circuit Championship (CCC) was held at Shanghai International Circuit, and the Dongfeng NISSAN Ghjia sports team's Guo Haisheng, the 2006 champion, finished in 2nd place. Fourth place went to his teammate Lin Lifeng, now ranked 3rd among the drivers' championship.

The last race of CCC was held at Shanghai International Circuit, where the FI China GP was held only 2 weeks before.

In clear and sunny weather with temperatures of 24 degrees C and a track surface measured at 31 C, the final race of the season started with race fans from around Shanghai watching. The No. 2 Nissan Tiida with Lin Lifeng driving started from third on the grid, while the No.1 Nissan Tiida with Guo Haisheng driving started 4th. The No. 5 Volkswagen Polo was in pole position and the No.3 Polo beside him on the front row, with the No.2 and No.1 Tiidas occupying the second row. Lin in the No.2 Tiida fell a little behind at the start, allowing the No.21 Kia Serato to get a head start and dive between The No.2 and Guo's No. 1 Tiida. The No.21 car then moved on to overtake the two front row opponents and did it, passing the control line at the end of the opening lap in first place.

However, the veteran Guo in the No.1 NISSAN was able to turn things around with the No.21 car, getting by his rival on lap 2, and then leading the race until the final lap. Lin maintained a quick pace and distanced himself from the rest of the pack, but the No.3 Polo, in 2nd place on lap 6, got closer and closer, driving faster than the Tiida. Guo continued to skillfully dodge the No.3, but at the end gave away the top spot and took the chequered flag in 2nd after the No.3 set up a charge on the No.1 Tiida from right behind, on the final lap. He was defeated at the end, but the Nissan side of the bleachers, including the Tiida Owner's Club, had a very exciting day with Guo's passionate driving.

The No.2 Tiida was 5th after the start, but moved up to 3rd on lap 3, and then dropped back to 5th after the two Polos overtook him. He moved back up to 4th on lap 7 and kept that position till the end.

Round 6 Shanghai - Sunday, 21 October, 2007

Pos Driver Car Time / Diff
1 Wang Rui Volkswagen Polo 35'19"166
2 Guo Haisheng Nissan TIDA 35'21"254
3 Han Han Volkswagen Polo 35'33"168
4 Lin Lifeng Nissan TIDA 35'41"915
5 Wang Shaofeng KIA Cerato 36'01"834
6 Liu Yang CITROEN FK16V 36'17"106
7 Chen Xu CITROEN FK16V 36'18"327
8 Wang Chao Peugeot 206 36'43"185
9 Huang Jiajun Volkswagen Polo -1Lap
10 Wang Hao GEELY CK -1Lap