China Circuit Championship
Last year, the Tiida became champion in his debut year in the CCC. Nissan and Nismo are supporting the local Nissan official team Dongfeng Nissan Ghia Sports again this year.
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In the past, the Citroen, Volkswagen Polo, and the purely Chinese-made Geely sedan were among the top competing machines in the CCC's1600cc class, but then the Tiida joined starting in 2006.
Overpowering the others, the Tiida immediately took the championship. The1600cc category is one mostly consisting of machines from the Chinese market. Naturally, a one-on-one of these machines created a great deal of attention from both within and outside the country.
For this reason, there have been many changes and enhancements to the regulations and the hosting of events in general, the participation of other manufacturers; as well as other developments in the CCC since the November 2006 off-season.
At the end of 2006, there was an official release that a new circuit was being constructed in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan in the mid-west. This was the 4th circuit in China following Zhuhai, Beijing, and Shanghai, but due to preparation issues, events could not be held there this year.
The yearly race calendar is a compact one, spanning from July to October - with 6 races taking place in 4 months. There are races every 2 weeks in July and September, so team logistics and the overhauling of cars is inevitably tight.
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In terms of race regulations, one of the traits of this series of having to change tires during races was scrapped. It had been one of the main causes of position changes in the races, and it was also a place where teams could show their skills, but all the teams agreed to eliminate it. This was mainly to cut back on costs in the tight race calendar. Similarly, up to 2 engines can be used per car throughout the entire season.
Handicap weights will continue to be used, but machines like the Tiida that use a sequential gearbox must add on an extra15kg.
Race Calendar
Round 1 2007.07.08 Shanghai
Round 2 2007.07.22 Beijing
Round 3 2007.08.19 Zhuhai
Round 4 2007.09.09 Beijing
Round 5 2007.09.23 Beijing
Round 6 2007.10.21 Shanghai