The ABSA is an off-road racing championship popular in South Africa and its neighbouring countries. ABSA events run for two days. In the Prologue Run, which is the 20 - 40km short qualifying stage held on the first day (Friday), the starting positions are determined. The winner is determined on the second day (Saturday) in the Loop Stage, which is a test set around the central Service Park area.

The course consists of 2 to 3 clover-shaped loop stages. A 15-minute service time is obligated between each loop, and during this time, mechanics can work on changing settings, exchanging expendable parts such as tyres, and refueling.

Nissan Motorsports South Africa has been competing in off-road events since 2001, in which time they have won the Driver and Co-driver titles in the ABSA for 7 consecutive years. In addition, they have taken the Manufacturers Title 6 times. Since 2006, they have been competing with the new Navarra pick-up truck.