The China Circuit Championship, also known as CCC, is a Chinese touring car race. Its main purpose is to educate Chinese drivers. Only drivers born in mainland China are eligible to enter the 1600cc class, where there are currently two Nissan Tiidas entered. Modification regulations are loose in this category, making it extremely challenging technically, and thus and gratifying. Nissan/Nismo provides technical support to the Dongfeng Nissan Ghia Team.

The 2008 calendar sees events scheduled to take place at four circuits; located in Zhuhai, Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu (as of June). The opening round is in late April and is at Shanghai circuit, and will be followed by rounds in Beijing in May and June. After a long interval of three months, the remaining three events will be held in October and November.

The Nissan Tiida achieved a remarkable feat when it won the championship in its debut year, 2006. The Tiida was unable to reclaim the championship title last year, but for this season the car has been modified to increase its competitiveness, with features such as a lowered centre of gravity and improved aerodynamics. The carís cornering capabilities, an area in which much work had to be done, has been strengthened, and the Tiida will be fighting to take the championship title back.

Weight handicap
To promote fairness, CCC assigns weight handicaps to the top teams from the previous season, just as is done in the Japanese SUPER GT series. The actual weight handicaps assigned this year are: 80kg for first place, 60kg for second place, and 40kg for third place, making them even more demanding than this year.
In addition, there are weight handicaps per eventóthe first, second and third place teams are assigned 80kg, 60kg, and 40kg weight handicaps respectively, making it difficult for strong machines to win races consecutively. Finishing below 6th is the only way to remove the weights.