Formula Renault began in France in 1971 as a 溺iddle Formula・located between Formula Ford (known as FJ1600 in Japan), also known as an 摘ntry Formula・ and F3. Currently, championships are held around the world, including in France, England, Italy, Asia, and the Euro Cup.

Formula Renault garners a considerable amount of attention from around the world, as many current F1 drivers, including Pedro de la Rosa (・2), Kimi Raikkonen (・0), and Lewis Hamilton (・3) were past champions of the series.

Every event of the series is held as a support race of the BTCC (British Touring Car Championship), often at major circuits (1 round is a support event of the World Series by Renault). There are frequent pre- and mid-season official tests, which allow the to drivers to become very comfortable driving the cars. Drivers of exceptional performance are given an opportunity for a Formula Renault 3.5 test, used in World Series by Renault. The ・8 series is scheduled to be a 7 round, 14-race contest.

Every year, 20 young and aspiring drivers compete in the series. This year, 19 drivers of ages between 16 and 22 are entered. Most are local English drivers, but there are participants from around Europe and Asia. This year, there are 2 Japanese drivers, including NDDP痴 Yamamoto.