This is South Africa's most popular circuit-based race series, where production cars (which drive on regular highways) compete using public road-spec Bridgestone radial tyres. Machines made by many different makes compete in the SAPC, including branded manufacturers as well as machines of varied drive; including 4WD, FWD, and RWD. There are contestants that use naturally aspirated engines, cars with turbos and super chargers, diesel turbo machines, and rotary-engined cars. Modifications are strictly regulated, which makes this series for production cars especially captivating.

Nissan Motorsports South Africa has two Fairlady Zs entered (locally named Nissan 350Z). Many other Fairlady Zs are also entered through dealers and private teams.

This series is comprised of 10 events featuring 20 races (2 races per round) each season, using circuits such as Kyalami and Wesbank Raceway, as well as circuits located within city limits. In order to balance performance, handicap weights are assigned to winning machines at every race.