What's SUPER GT? / Race outline

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Japanís most popular car racing series attracts up to 500,000 spectators every year.

The All-Japan GT Championship (JGTC), Super GTís predecessor, started in 1994. Revamping itself as SUPER GT, the series kicked off its inaugural season in 2005. Last yearís final race of the season boasted the 100th in seriesĀEhistory, a contest which has consistently drawn 54,000 viewers on average to every race. With this, it officially became Japanís number one race series, both in deed and in name.

Monster machines that look like stock carsAt first glance, as it is originated from a commercial car, SUPER GT looks no different from an ordinary car out on the road.
However, when you look closer, you will notice that it is actually wider and lower,
and parts such as the engine and the suspension are being modified.
Also, parts unnecessary for racing such as the air-conditioning is taken out,and the interior has been tailored to make a perfect racing car.

What is the difference between GT500 and GT300?SUPER GT is divided into two classes, based on engine power. Participants in the GT500 class, featuring cars with approximately 500 horsepower, include makers such as Nissan, Toyota and Honda, while the GT300 class, for cars with 300 horsepower, privateer teams campaign cars such as the Nissan Fairlady Z (350Z), Toyota MR-S, Porsche and Ferrari.