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The basis of the machine used in GT500 is NISSAN GT-R, the result of all the technology and skills cultivated in the company's motorsport history.
The multi-performance supercar with "run, turn, stop" capabilities polished up to its utmost limits, comes revamped ready to take on the challenging race environment.
Various tune-ups took place including boosting engine capacity and power and reducing weight by more than 500kg through dismantling passenger seat and air-conditioning.

Main specification sheet

  NISSAN GT-R road car NISSAN GT-R(GT500)
Length 4,655mm 4,800mm
Width 1,895mm 2,000mm
Weight 1740kg 1,180kg
Engine output 3,799cc 4.494cc
Maximum output Over 480ps Over 500ps
Tire(front) 255/40 R20 330/40 R18
Tire(rear) 285/35 R20 330/45 R17