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The basis of the machine used in GT500 is the NISSAN GT-R, the result of all the technology and skills cultivated in the company's motorsport history.
The multi-performance supercar with "run, turn, stop" capabilities polished to their utmost limits, comes revamped ready to take on the challenge of a racing environment.
A variety of modifications have taken place, including boosting the car's engine capacity and power, and by reducing vehicle weight by over 500kgs through the removal of the passenger seat and the air conditioning unit.

Length 4,695mm   Width 2,000mm
Wheelbase 2,720mm
Weight 1,100kg Drive system 2WD(FR)
Engine model VRH34B Engine displacement 3,396cc
Maximum output Over 530ps Maximum torque Over 45kgm
Clutch 5.5"carbon triple plate Transmission Transaxle type, 6-speed sequential
Track(front) 1,685mm Suspension(front) Double wishbone
(rear) 1,675mm (rear) Double wishbone
Wheels(front) 13.0J x 18 Tires(front) 330/40-R18
(rear) 13.0J x 17 (rear) 330/45-R17
Brakes(front) Bench-rated disk
(rear) Bench-rated disk

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The NISSAN GT-R NISMO GT3, which recently made its debut in the GT300 class of SUPER GT, is the first domestic vehicle built to FIA GT3 regulations developed by NISMO. Using the NISSAN GT-R (R35) as base vehicle, the experiment, utilising the principles of durability and operational stability whilst maintaining performance, has been in development since 2011. This is this a purpose-built racing model.

Length 4,780mm   Width 2,036mm
Wheelbase 2,780mm
Weight 1,300kg Drive system 2WD(FR)
Engine model VR38DETT Engine displacement 3,799cc
Maximum output Over 530ps@6400rpm * Maximum torque Over 62.5kgf⋅5200rpm *
Clutch 5.5"metal 4-plate Transmission 6-speed sequential
Track(front) 1,675mm Suspension(front) Double wishbone independent suspension
(rear) 1,680mm (rear) Multilink independent suspension
Wheels(front) 13.0J x 18 Tires(front) 330/710-R18
(rear) 13.0J x 17 (rear) 330/710-R18
Brakes(front) 6-piston calipers/bench-rated steel discs & pads
(rear) 4-piston calipers/bench-rated steel discs & pads

* To be decided on the Balance of Performance by FIA