Team principal Comment

Rd.3 Sepang Circuit 9 - 10 June

The GT-R entries will run their usual race at their favorite Sepang

Since before the beginning of the season, I've been making big claims such as eThe GT-R has no weak points', so this has become a slightly difficult situation for me to talk about. However, I am still convinced of the high potential of the GT-R. The teams were unlucky in Okayama for the opening race, and equally so in the next one at Fuji. There was rain during qualifying for both rounds, and they were fooled during the race at Fuji, where the Goddess of Victory smiled on those who chose to gamble, rather than those who tried to run the race with a standard approach. In other words, it was all about which strategy to choose. Naturally, it is a good thing for the GT-R to win, and they won five out of eight races last year. However, the goal for the GT-Rs is to become champion. In the end it is important that they win the series' title.

Last year NISMO succeeded with a quick start to the season, winning the opening two races. However they slumped in the events held during the summer. MOLA won at SUGO, while NISMO had to be patient during the middle of its season. They have not been able to win since the beginning of this year, but are gaining valuable points. The teams have plenty of strength and the cars are fast enough, so the GT-Rs are hoping to get back to where they should be.

In Sepang, handicap weights on the MOLA, IMPUL, and KONDO entries are light, so I expect them to perform well. I feel there's a chance for the MOLA entry, running on the Michelin tyres which perform well in hot conditions, and also for the KONDO car, using Yokohama rubber, which has a strong performance record at Sepang. Of course, at IMPUL there is always the possibility of a win, even though they've had some unlucky problems. The GT-R is fast to begin with so they don't need to take any chances. As long as they don't try anything different, and run the races as they usually do, the results will follow.

With the ever-present heat of Sepang, a lot of things can happen. Squalls, changes in track surface conditions, and how the tyres perform can be affected. However, the GT-Rs should be able to race with confidence as shown by their preparation during the winter. The fact that they have three tyre brands is also a good factor. Even if conditions are not what they expect them to be, they should be able to race so that at least one of the brands can win. However, I feel the GT-Rs must avoid useless rivalries against each other.

In addition, the strength of the GT-R is its air conditioning unit, which has not caused a single problem so far. This air conditioner was created by researching human biology and asking questions such as, What is it most effective area to cool? and so allows the drivers to maintain comfort as well as concentration. This will definitely show its potential when they drive in the scorching heat of Sepang.

One more thing. Regarding the GT-R in GT300, several problems have occurred in the past two races. I believe the number of problems will now begin to decrease, and the drivers will start showing their true capabilities. Sepang is the the mother port of where the GT-R GT3 was developed. It is an important base circuit where they were able to overcome problems despite not being able to run properly in the regular test sessions. This is the third race for the young drivers. They must be hungry for results, so I hope to see some great performances.