Teams and Drivers

Profiles of the Nissan-affiliated teams and of their drivers

Career      Michael KRUMM

19891st place German Formula Ford Championship
19901st place German Formula Opel-Lotus Championship
19941st place Japan F3 Championship
1995JGTC (Japan GT Championship) (Toyota)
19963rd place JTCC (Japan Touring Car Championship)
19973rd place JTCC (Toyota)
1st place JGTC (Toyota)
19985th place Le Mans 24 Hours: (Nissan R390 GT1)
German Touring Car Championship: (NISSAN Primera)
19992nd place (team championship) JGTC: (Skyline GT-R)
Le Mans 24 Hours: (Nissan R391)
20002nd place (team championship) JGTC: (Skyline GT-R)
2nd place Formula Nippon Championship
20011st place (team championship) JGTC: (Skyline GT-R)
2002JGTC: (Skyline GT-R)
3rd place Le Mans 24 Hours (Audi)
20031st places (driver and team championship) JGTC: (Skyline GT-R)
20041st place (team championship) JGTC: (350Z)
20051st place (team championship) SUPER GT: (350Z)
20062nd place (team championship) SUPER GT: (350Z)
20072nd place (team championship) SUPER GT: (350Z)
2008SUPER GT: (Nissan GT-R)
2009FIA GT Championship (4 races) : (Nissan GT-R) 3rd place at SPA 24H
2010FIA GT1 World Championship - Sumo Power GT Nissan GT-R
Race victory - Portugal
2011FIA GT1 World Championship - JRM Racing Nissan GT-R
Won Round 3 in Portugal, Round 5 in Great Britain and both the Qualifying- and Championship Races of Round 7 in France on his way to becoming Driver's Champion.