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    Super Taikyu, popularly known as “S-Tai,” is an unusual category even in Japan. A rich variety of vehicles is eligible to take part in endurance races with racecars that are about as close as you can get to stock showroom models, and both new and old race cars come together to fight for the title. Cars are divided into five classes from ST-1 to ST-5, depending on displacement and drive system, and also a new class, GT3, which was added in 2011 for FIA GT3 cars. Nissan participates with the Fairlady Z (Z33 and Z34), racing in the ST-3 class for two-wheel drive cars with engine displacements from 2,001 to 3,500 cc. Starting last year, a joint team effort between Nissan's maintenance technical school (Nissan Automobile Technical College) and KONDO RACING ran the Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 in the GT3 class.