Read about the race outline and rules here.

Read about the race outline and rules here.

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A race style pitting two classes together, bringing drama and excitement from both

SUPER GT races are a mixed-class style contest combining the GT500 and GT300 classes. Teams in each class aim for their own victory. The battle unfolds as the GT500 machines, possessing greater horsepower and speed, skillfully overtake cars in the GT300 class whilst testing their abilities to build up a lead. Incredible drama springs forth from two classes of different velocities racing together.

A two-day race event
Qualifying follows a knockout format

SUPER GT races are scheduled over a period of two days. The official practice and qualifying sessions are held on Saturday, while the race itself takes place on Sunday. Qualifying is conducted in a knockout format. The official qualifiyng session is split into two parts, and the cars recording the top times advance to the next session. Each competitor is aiming for pole position (1st starting spot in their respective class). Short practice sessions for qualifying and the race is one of the recent special features of SUPER GT. Sometimes the key to victory is held in the pre-race preparations and the speedy work of the mechanics and team members during the race.

Safe racing promoted by strict penalties for breaking the rules
As this is an event conducted by racing machines specially designed to attain incredible speeds, many regulations are put in place in order to prevent dangerous accidents. During races, drivers must decelerate when driving through specific areas (e.g. the pit lane where people are walking, or next to retired/damaged cars). Engines must also be turned off in certain situations. In order to protect the fairness of the competition, penalties are imposed on drivers who do not follow the rules. Mandatory passage through the pit lane or a fixed-time pit stop are just some examples of the various penalties that exist. If a driver does not follow through with their penalty within 3 laps after being warned, they will be disqualified.