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Scoring consecutive championship titles in 2011 and 2012, the Nissan GT-R is a car which takes the fundamentals of locomotion, “run, turn, stop”, and refines them to their utmost peak, crafting one of the most powerful racing-spec machines available. This season's model further optimizes engine response and torque specifications, increasing fuel economy for even greater competitive power. Also, the rear wing and fender employ a special "Shark Tooth"-shaped design, which succeeds in reducing drag while maintaining downforce. Finally, the GT-R is armed with Nissan Motor's proprietary air conditioning system, developed by the company that knows racing better than anyone else.

Length 4,695mm   Width 2,000mm
Wheelbase 2,720mm
Weight 1,100kg Drive system 2WD(FR)
Engine model VRH34B Engine displacement 3,396cc
Maximum output over 530ps Maximum torque over 45kgm
Clutch 5.5"carbon triple plate transmission transaxle type, 6-speed sequential
Tread(front) 1,685mm Suspension(front) double wishbone
(rear) 1,675mm (rear) double wishbone
Wheels(front) 13.0J x 18 Tires(front) 31/71-R18
(rear) 13.0J x 18 (rear) 31/71-R18
Brakes(front) ventilated discs
(rear) ventilated discs

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Nissan developed the first Japanese-made FIA GT3-spec vehicle, the “Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 ”, which already gain one victory from its 2012 debut. The 2013 model is equipped with canard-style wings on both sides of the front bumper, along with an optimized front fender and rear wing spoiler, improving aerodynamic performance. The engine's output and durability have also been improved, in pursuit of even greater speed and power.

Length 4,780mm   Width 2,036mm
Wheelbase 2,780mm
Weight 1,300kg Drive system 2WD(FR)
Engine model VR38DETT Engine displacement 3,799cc
Maximum output over 550ps@6500rpm * Maximum torque over 65.0kgf⋅m@5000rpm *
Clutch 5.5"metal 4-plate Transmission 6-speed sequential
Track(front) 1,675mm Suspension(front) independent double wishbone
(rear) 1,680mm (rear) independent multilink
Wheels(front) 13.0J x 18 Tires(front) 330/710-R18
(rear) 13.0J x 18 (rear) 330/710-R18
Brakes(front) 6-piston calipers/ventilated steel discs & pads
(rear) 4-piston calipers/ventilated steel discs & pads

* Any changes in performance adjustment will be determined by the FIA.