Rd.3 Sepang Circuit 15 - 16 Jun

We are fully intent on battling to take our first win of the season.

“The next race will be held at Sepang International Circuit, in the burning heat of Malaysia. Nissan has a high win-rate at Sepang, a full 50%, having taken 6 victories from the 12 races held there, (including winning the 2000 exhibition race). As is also evident from the 4 consecutive wins we achieved beginning in 2007, we very much enjoy competing at this track. We are, therefore, confident that the Nissan entries will not let you down.

“It is true that we didn't achieve good results last year. Even though we managed to secure the championship, we did struggle to gain ground in the first half of the season, due partly to a blunder at Sepang. This is why this year, we want to turn the tide now, and go on the offensive at this round. Naturally, we want to win at Sepang. With a boost from good results, we hope to begin the latter half of the campaign in a favorable position.

“Last year's GT-R had problems with the engine overheating. Adequate measures have already been taken on this matter, so we are confident we will not have a repeat of the disastrous outcome seen in 2012. The #24 machine from KONDO RACING, which took successive victories in 2007 and 2008, should be ready for a good result, with the development of tires suitable for hot weather conditions now ready. Also, the Michelin tires are known to perform well in hot conditions. This will be a great opportunity for NISMO's #23 car and the #1 machine from MOLA to show their prowess. Masataka Yanagida and Ronnie Quintarelli, then in the #23 GT-R, saw their chances of winning squashed last year in Sepang, and this was due to problems with the brake rotors. They also had trouble in the second round of the season at Fuji this year. We believe there will be no more problems for the pair, and that they'll be able to do their best at this year's Sepang round.

“After each race I always take time to speak to GT500's rookie, Yuhi Sekiguchi, piloting car #1. This being his third round, I would certainly like to see him exert his full potential. He was probably being overly cautious in the first two races due in part to penalty points. However, he is a professional driver, and as such, should do his best to achieve good results without making excuses or mistakes. He is well beyond the development stage as a driver. With a partner like Satoshi Motoyama, so long as Sekiguchi can exert his potential, it should be difficult not to achieve good results. As for TEAM IMPUL's #12 car, we have Tsugio Matsuda and João Paulo de Oliveira, Japan's fastest driving duo; I am quite certain that they will show us good racing at Sepang. Also, the GT-Rs are equipped with a very reliable air conditioning system. Thus, without the need to worry about heatstroke, the competitors will be able to battle it out to the highest degree.

“Now let us move on to the GT300 class. As can be seen from Yuji Ide coming 5th in the #7 GT-R in his comeback race, the high level of potential provided by the NISSAN GT-R NISMO GT3 is clearly evident. Also, in the first qualifying session at Fuji, Daiki Sasaki in the #3 GT-R and Katsumasa Chiyo in the similar #48 car demonstrated great turns of speed by claiming the top 2 positions. I am sure their successes will rouse their partners into doing better themselves. At Fuji, the #3 car took a risky choice with the tires and that turned out to be a mistake. If they do things in the usual way, good results are sure to follow. Holding back is certainly not necessary. Just take the high road and be confident.”