Rd.6 Fuji Speedway 7 - 8 Sep

High expectations for #1 while top-ranked teams aim to rack up points!

“At the midsummer Suzuka 1,000kms, the #23 NISMO machine took over the points' lead with their second place finish. The #12 TEAM IMPUL entry went from 11th place in qualifying to finish fourth, and now trails the #23 car by just one point from second in the rankings. These two GT-Rs occupying the top two spots in the SUPER GT title fight is a pleasing development for all Nissan fans. However, the battle for the championship is still a close one. There are five other cars jockeying for position within just five points, and six within eight points, so the next round at Fuji Speedway will be critical in deciding this year's champion.

“As you may know, Fuji Speedway is a high-speed track with a main straight over 1.5kms long. As Lexus' home circuit, the SC430 entries are usually strong. Furthermore, the top-ranked machines will carry handicap weights of between 68kg and 84kg in this race. This is believed to be a major opportunity for a lighter car to win. In the GT-R camp, the one to keep and eye on is the #1 MOLA GT-R. Though they have shown great speed so far, it has not translated into results, and their handicap weights are light at 32kg. We hope that Motoyama and Sekiguchi will be able to win with their speed and help out the #23 and #12 GT-Rs (with a top finish, they will prevent rivals from earning maximum points).

“The #23 GT-R got a second wind with a lucky result in the SUGO race, and then went on to become the points' leaders after a gritty drive at Suzuka. The #12 GT-R had a disappointing result at SUGO and also in the test at Suzuka, but recovered their pace in the Suzuka 1,000kms. Based on the characteristics of their tires, the #23 car will want the lingering heat to hold out through to the end of the race at Fuji Speedway in September. The 84kg handicap weight on the #23 GT-R and the 82kgs in the #12 machine should prove a challenge in the battle for the championship, but if they fight to earn just one more point or perhaps even a place on the winners' podium, the two remaining races should be easier when the weights will have been reduced.

“There have been high expectations for the performance of the KONDO RACING-entered #24 GT-R, but their results have not been as good as anticipated. However, since their Yokohama tires are well-matched to the characteristics of Fuji Speedway, one hopes they will be able to put together a satisfying race.

“The GT-Rs will be sporting minute adjustments to their aerodynamics, suspension geometry, and chassis rigidity going into the Fuji round. Though it may be difficult to see the changes from the outside, the machines have been prepared with increased downforce and low drag in mind.

“In the GT300 class, the #3 NDDP GT-R had an unfortunate result at Suzuka, and wasn't able to demonstrate its true form in the race. They've passed the halfway point of the series, but have finally been able to show off the performance of their machine. The GT-R, known for its straightline speed, should have a superb race at Fuji, with its long straights. They will be aiming for their first win of the season. We are hoping for a double win in both the GT500 and GT300 classes.”