Rd.8 Twin Ring Motegi 2 - 3 Nov

Aiming for a come-from-behind championship victory

“In Round 7 at Autopolis, we had an inconsistent race and missed our chance at victory. In particular, the #12 GT-R and #23 GT-R, both of which had been high in the points' ranking, were dismayed by the painful mistake. As a result, there are a total of eight cars-including the #23 GT-R and #12 GT-R-that still have a shot at taking the championship title in the final event. It is the first time in a long while that so many machines will be competing for the title in the final race, and the handicap weights for the GT500 class will be reduced to zero for all cars, which is sure to ratchet up the tension at Twin Ring Motegi.

“The GT-Rs are equipped with engines that received a performance upgrade last time out. The cars competing for the title, the #12 GT-R and #23 GT-R, have also received new aerodynamic parts, and the drivers have voiced very promising feeling with them. New aerodynamic parts for those cars were not ready in time to be used at the previous round, but they plan to fit them on the #1 GT-R and #24 GT-R for the final race, increasing the performance of the GT-R entries as a whole. Also in the final round, the engine itself will remain as is, in accordance with the regulations, but the engine's performance has been even further improved which give us perfect preparation for the round.

“The #23 GT-R trails the points' leaders by 11 points, while the #12 GT-R is 12 points back. It means that, if they win, there is the possibility that they will be able to come from behind to take the title, so we are having the teams concentrate on these two machines winning. Also, while they do not have a shot at the title, the #1 GT-R and #24 GT-R must prevent our rivals from earning too many points by finishing as high up the order as possible. Accordingly, the main goal is to have GT-Rs dominate the top four positions, which portends a nerve-wracking race. The GT-R's strong braking ability is well suited to Motegi's stop-and-go track characteristics, but our rivals have improved their performance as well. All cars have been improved down to the last detail, so the drivers and team personnel will have to give it their all, both physically and mentally.

“The GT-R machines in the GT300 class don't have a shot at the championship any more. Furthermore, we haven't had any wins so far this season. There were mechanical problems and driver or team errors, but this is the final round. We have to win. Everyone recognizes the speed of the GT-Rs, so I would like to see results.

“There have been a lot of typhoons this year, and there has been major damage all over the country. The weather forecast for the final round is still unclear, but it looks like many fans will turn out, so I want to have the race in dry conditions. Thank you all for supporting Nissan!”