JAF GP Fuji Speedway 22 - 24 Nov

Hoping Happy Ending of the Tough 2013 Season

“The Fuji SPRINT CUP, which is 4th edition this year, is held as sprin‚” races as the name suggests. Normally SUPER GT races are semi-endurance with mandatory driver change and pit stop, but at this event, two drivers will be split up to compete 22 laps sprint race (appox.100km) each. With the standing start, specific tire management for much shorter distance, it would be great to see skills of drivers, in different circumstances. For teams' mechanics, as there will be no pit stop during those sprint races, they will have too much idle time.

“Fuji Speedway is well known as Lexus SC430s' home track and they have good record here. However, NISSAN GT-Rs have equipped a refined engine since round 6, and have improved aero dynamics from the race in Autopolis. Unfortunately we couldn't show the effect of those latest improvements in the last race in Motegi. At this time in Fuji, however we are looking forward to show our true performance.

“Especially for drivers who have been frustrating with the results through this season, this event will be a great opportunity to battle by their own skills. They should drive without any pressure and will show us brilliant performance of GT-Rs. I'm looking forward to seeing good performance particularly by experienced drivers.

“Also this event will be the last battle for racing cars built under current SUPER GT technical regulations. So we are hoping that all supporters enjoy watching the final battle of those machines and remember that.

“Meanwhile, in GT300 class, this event will be the best opportunity for all drivers to present their own speed. Please keep your eyes on GT-Rs drivers how they battle each race. Also this time, we bring one more car, #35 NISMO ATHLETE GT-R from the NISMO Global Driver Exchange Program. Lucas Ordonez, who also entered Suzuka 1000km, and Alex Buncombe will take its wheel. Please check their performance as well.”