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In the V8 Supercars championship, machines manufactured by Ford, Holden, Mercedes, and Nissan are eligible to take part. The new Nissan Altimas that will begin competing this season have power units based on the VK56DE engine developed by NISMO and used in the NISSAN GT-R that won the world championship title in the 2011 FIA GT1 Series.

Nissan Altima

Over Length 4,890mm
Over width 1,885mm
Over height 1,225mm
Wheelbase 2,822mm
Engine 5-litre N/A V8
Maximum output 668hp / 7400rpm
Maximum torque 658Nm / 6100rpm
Data logging system MoTeC M190 ECU
Fuel Tank Capacity 75-litre (sprint)/ 120-litre (enduro)
Transmission 6-speed sequential
Clutch triple-plate carbon
Suspension (front) double wishbone
Suspension (rear) double wishbone
Brakes(front) 6-piston caliper/bench-rated discs
Brakes(rear) 4-piston caliper/bench-rated discs
Wheels forged aluminum 18" X 11" spec. rims
Tyres Dunlop
Tare weight (kg) with driver 1,450kg
Top Speed 298 km/h