Race Car

The Le Mans Prototype 2 (LM P2) class is designed for high-level competitions without requiring exorbitant costs by promising private teams to develop the vehicle. Its regulations were originally set for the 24 Hours of Le Mans race with upper limits on the costs for the chassis and engine. Engines must be production-based, naturally-aspirated, 8-cylinder units and under 5,000cc. Engines with forced induction (turbos or super chargers) must be under 6 cylinders with an engine displacement of less than 3,200cc. The vehicle dimensions are basically equal to those of the LM P1 class used by works teams from auto manufacturers, including the 900kg minimum weight requirement. The Nissan VK45DE engine (V8, 4,500cc) is preferred by many LM P2 entrants for its endurance and consistent performance. The Alpine Renault Team, which has made headlines with its return to Le Mans in 2013, utilizes a Nissan VK45DE for its power unit.